Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Subway Once More

So finding a job was easier than I expected! I worked hard yesterday, I turned in 8 applications and 5 resumes! And was about to go home to complete some more applications online and to turn in tomorrow(today) when I decided to try subway again (I went earlier and the manager wasn't there). I went up to the manager and told her I had experience working at subway before, she then took me in the back and shanked me. JUST KIDDING. She gave me a interview right on the spot and hired me! I start tomorrow!!
Now today's project is to clean a shower curtain, and organize my bedroom and bathroom stuff into my own sectioned off spaces of the apartment. I get first choice since all my roommates won't move in until saturday.. Hopefully none of them get mad!! I feel like I have too much stuff sometimes.. Maybe it's a good thing I came early so I have time to organize all my stuff haha :/


Jennifer said...

I always felt that way too! I didn't want to upset my roomies either! Fun stuff.. hopefully they won't get mad :) Love ya sis!! and Congrats on the job!! :) At least you don't have to get trained in something completely new :)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

They really shouldnt shank you before they hire you, that's just not cool.
Glad you got a job so fast!!! Meant to be, I'd say. Plus you're just dang awesome, so they're lucky to have you!
Good luck organizing :).

Simply Sarah *K* said...

And thanks for blogging...love it!