Saturday, September 4, 2010

Subway and Stuff

~Soooo I've worked everyday since my first day on Wednesday. Which is awesome!
It's also been pretty borrrrring. The store has been slow since none of the students are in town yet.. Which makes me wonder how crazy it's going to be next week!
Apparently it's going to get crazy crazy crazy!! So I've been told... Greaaaaat
But that also means that I'm going to get roommates! Woo!! NO more being scared at night because I'm all alone... Scary sounds...

Who takes pictures of themselves at work? Um, me. Cause I was SOOooOoOOOOOooOoooOooo bored today!
~I really like the people I work with, at least during the week. But apparently all the old people don't work on the weekends.. cause they have kids or something... big whoop!! Juuuust kidding, I understand...
So that means that today on this lovely saturday. I got to work with a bunch of teenage boys. It was interesting. but even with them talking about how HOT the girls were at school(high school) and trying to flirt with me (which ended once Jed came in and kissed me, muahaha!)-- I had a pretty good day at work! They made me feel old. I mean really, 19?! I'm ancient!! ;)
I also get a free 6-inch whenever I work.. So that's always fantastic :) I like food! and cookies!! best :) Probably going to get me die from obesity, oh well- at least I'll die happy :)

~Sorry for the randomness- my blogging skills aren't fine tuned yet.
~So I'm just sitting on Jedadiah's apartment playing music, which seems to happen a lot :) I like when a country song comes on and he starts singing with it.. So cute :)
~I organized all my stuff! Everything is clean and has a place :) I love it! Feels so good! Maybe I'll take pictures? Hmmm.. later.
I'm happy :)
Missing my family though.. I love you all!! Wahhhhh


Simply Sarah *K* said...

Waaaa....we love you too.
You look pretty spiffy in that thar of course those kids would flirt ;)
Glad you are having fun.

Janeane said...

on the cheek?

Emily said...

Yes Mom.. on the cheek.... :D

Jess said...

So... how much you making per hour girlie friend?
How 'bout you come work at my subway instead?

Emily said...

I"m making 7.25 an hour! Woo!