Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm currently in a transition from going to college, coming back home and then leaving again.
I'm transitioning into becoming an adult as opposed to a teenager (I still think I go back and forth sometimes haha).
From t-shirts to blouses.
From sandwiches to casseroles.

I really don't feel much different. But I am really excited for my future :)

Well looking back, I'm done with my first year of college! :)
I look some more pictures for my photography class :)

For one of my projects I did a montage of trees,
so I took ALOT of pictures of trees!

These two were for a light assignment:

Next Up: Roommates and Friends :)


Simply Sarah *K* said...

Rock on! Three posts in one day!! You know you've got a reader in ME :) :) :).

Emily said...

Aww thanks Sarah!! At least I know I have one reader!!
haha.. yeah THREE! I was just really excited to start blogging again. So much to say!! And I was really bored....