Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Talent Board

I've been involved with an organization called "Talent Board" up at college, and this last semester my friend Cassandra and I were able to manage a show together!

It was a lot of fun! A lot to do as well! We had meetings every week (sometimes twice or more), and we were responsible for having a theme, figuring out how we wanted the lights/sounds, programs, getting a committee together (consisting of Kahli), having judges for auditions, having all the paperwork for auditions, hosting auditions, choosing a set list, getting everything ready on stage, keeping a budget for props/food/etc, keeping the show organized before, during and after, and doing whatever was needed to put on a good show! It was really fun!

There was some amazing talent that showed up and got into our show! And some amazing people :)

I got to MC for the show :) With my handy side-kick, Jed, backstage to keep me from completely loosing it!

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