Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Vegas and Back in 11 Hours

Hello Hello!

Hate car rides..
but that has been told..

BUT this saturday, we went to vegas! and it was awesome! because i got to hang with Laura and Mary!! And i LOVE them!


it was super duper fun :)

we carved pumpkins. yeahh, mine kinda sucks.. but i'm just not that into carving pumpkins.. i'd totally rather paint a pumpkin.. like plaid.. wouldn't that be awesome? a plaid pumpkin.. yeah :D


I wanted to go trick or treating.. cause it's my last halloween as a child, weird.. But i have to play in the pep band at a football game.. PSHHH WHO THE FREAK LIKES FOOTBALL?!

not me.

In other news.. the play that i'm in, Big River, is going to be playing next weekend!! Nov 6th, 7th, and 10th! PLEASE COME!! It'll be awesome, i promise :) hopefully..

Peace OUT! yo


Sarah Smiles said...

Your in a PLAY?! How rad! I want to go!!!
Umm, LOVE THE SHIRT. LOVE IT. You look totally hot!
I hope you get to do some trick or treating!! Even if it's just to mom and dad's door...hehe!

Jennifer said...

I would LOVE to come to your play.. But sadly can't.. :( And yeah.. Sarah's got it right.. You totally look hot!! :) haha.. LOVE your hair :)

trent said...

I was totally there.

Well for the last part. Still counts I'd say.