Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is sarcasm a sin?

Story Time.. Once upon a time.. There was a trip that was to be made. This trip was to start at cedar city, continue north for four and a half hours until a house was reached, called the house of the Lovely Jennifer Benson. Yeah, my awesome sister! But there was one problem.. Emily hated driving in the car[unless she was driving, which usually doesn't happen on family trips, ever]. So, it was decided that she would entertain herself with taking pictures with her adorable little brother. The end.
Did you know that John Jones Sargent, also known as Bubba, likes to take pictures?! Go figure, right?! I bet you could NEVER have guessed that!! Crazy, i know.. I'm glad we're on the same page. :)

So weird, right? i mean.. i usually can NEVER get to take a picture with me!!

So today.. i've done to the things that i LOOOVE!!!
I've CLEANED!! and I've worked on the Band Scrapbook!

sorta looks like i'm done huh? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!
it's pretty exciting..
and kinda boring..
i mean, i LOVE IT! YAY!

Long weekend=awesome!!!
who needs school?
pshh.. definately not everybody who wants to be a little tiny bit successful.. yeah.

Um, question! Does anybody want to tell me what i want to do in college? that' d be nice if you could tell me.. just leave a comment with the answer!! thank you!


Peace Out!


Janeane said...

You like to clean?

Sarah Smiles said...

haha...good one mom.

And I KNOW what you need to do for college! I still need to send you an email with all the information.
It will all work out!!

Jennifer said...

Are you asking where to go or what you want major in? That's something you need to decide silly! :) What do you like most? What subject thrills ya ;)

Laura said...

You don't necessarily have to know right away what you want to major in.. although it would be helpful to get you to the right school you want. But there is still this thing called generals that most schools make you take.. so you could fill your first couple of semesters up with the generals that you would need to graduate anyway and decide from there. :o)

JanEllenSanders said...

Your pictures of you and your brother remind me of when Mary Caroline was little. . . she was our little puuppet and entertainer!! We use to get her up after dad would put her to bed to dance to what she called her "feel good music". Of course, we always thought we were being sneaky. . . only to have daddy come up the stairs to put Mary Caroline BACK to bed and to remind us that we needed to do the same!