Tuesday, October 7, 2008



i pretty much ACED my AP Chem test today!!


freakin hardest chapter ever...

but today gave me hope!!

i spy....

a ridiculously awesome green frog pin that i stole from my wonderful mother who recieved it from my incredabley amazing sister that lives in texas as a gift from winning a thing on sarah's blog, but my mother or mutti as i like to call her doesn't want it because she doesn't have a freakin awesome tie dye backpack that she made herself like some people who's name start with e and end with mily or mmalee, whatever, and this person might have stole it because she loves frogs!!! or just for fun..
thanks sarah :)
peace out!


Sarah Smiles said...

DUDE! Im glad you like them! LOL...You better have left all the candy to MOM! :) HEHE...jk.
LOVE THE TYE DYE...you are ridiculously rad.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE FROGS TOO!!!! :) haha.. and Cayden does too!! and I SO LOVE THE TYE DYE!! i need to come visit and have you do a couple of shirts.. There might be lunch for ya!! ;)