Saturday, October 4, 2008

Everyday People

homecoming week! WOOT

well, monday was PJ day! woot!

Tuesday was...


i don't remember..

i think it was blast from the past? but.. i didn't dress up for that one..

Wednesday was Teacher Day!!

i dressed up like my english teacher, Mrs. Esplin. She really does dress like this! I love her to death! Best Teacher EVER! and Teekay dressed up like him.. Mr. Kern.. :) I think he was trying to wink? maybe not....

Thursday was Twin Day!!! So a group of my friends all dressed up like this! it was fun to go through the halls together.. I got many compliments on Grandpa Sargent's tie! It was fantastic! [Sorry about the skin exposure..]

Friday was Red and Gold day!! WOOT WOOT

these are my Besties- Kelci and Melanie :)

so yeah! that was homecoming week!!

but think week! I played with a jazz band for this community thing! It was kinda scary.. because it was a bunch of old people that have been playing forever and have they're masters in music.. and then in and Austie[a freakin amazing trumpet player in high school jazz with me], it was awesome! so much fun! I love playing the bari!! WOOT

and then Friday i had a meet at our school, it was the cedar invitalition.. which is huge! lots of schools came.. and i PRed!! my time was two minutes faster than my last time!! :D it made me happy!

Conference is awesome!!
but it scares me.. It's making me think that we're going to go into anyother depression..

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