Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homecoming :)


This last week was homecoming!! :D

and last night was the homecoming dance! I was lucky enough to have Laura be here :) that was fun! I miss my big sisters, TONS!! wahhh, this is me crying.

and this is me with an amazing guy named TeeKay, he's a dork.
ANd you gotta love the purple tights..
he had a hat that matched his tie too! it was pretty pimp. We had alot of fun.. even though the DJ was LAME and stuff.. he just moved here from vegas in feb.. so he's not used to cedar city and how different it is than vegas.. the dances in vegas sound pretty rad compared to our lameness.. but that's okay! Ya get what you put into it.
Um, i'll probably put up another post later, about the day date and stuff.. when i have this one picture from this girl in our group.. ... so i'll talk to ya'll later :)


Sarah Smiles said...

Your so hawt! Totally!
Love ya mucho grande, lil sis! :)
(this is me crying, too)

Janeane said...

You look MAH-VA-LUS!!

craftyashley said...

I L-O-V-E that dress. I'm also envious of your cute skinny-ness!

Jennifer said...

You're so cute :) Love it!! :) And I to am envious ashley!! haha.. :)