Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random life of Emily, Emilio, Emmalee?

Okay, So i work at the Snowie.. we know this.

The other day.. monday.. This guy comes to the snowie..

Normal. He was was in his like.. fourties/fifties. also normal.

We talked alot.. he was just friendly, and i was trying to be nice.

Sorta Normal ;). So we talked for a while, and then he left..

He came back.. Not so normal. ANd was like "I got you a present,

cause i think your cool" Not Normal.

and the present...

was this clock...

It's pretty cool, no?

but yeahh

that's my story.

Then tonight!

Quincey, my friend nieghbor came over and gave me an invitation to a party she's having tonight..

And on my invitation i was asked to dress up as a Princess.

she explained this to me.

"It's a costume party, and everyone is dressing up as something different

We gave everyone a different assignment, and it'll be alot different from thier Personality"

So I got Princess.. cause i'm a dang tomboy

but it was fun :)

i wore my homecoming dress, which is pink..


I think that's it.
except for that i have soo many fines on my library card that i can't check out books anymore.. lame sauce.


Anonymous said...

Better make sure there's no camera in that clock.

Jennifer said...

I agree with James. I'd throw it away. That guy sounds creepy. Sounding like Mom! but still!!! Eww!! But I'm glad you're safe :)

*tara* said...

emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wah!!!!!!!!!!! dude i'm coming to cedar city for college!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're so pretty, by the way! :) and what the heck, you're a senior???

*tara* said...

yeah, we'll definitely need to hang out...and i'll hook you up with my college buddies! :)

Tracie said...

I didn't know you had your own blog! Yippey! I can't believe how much you have changed. Still beautiful, just so much older and I do believe you have come out of your little beehive shell! I will keep checking in! I love the blog world!