Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanta Snow Cone?

Soo... One of my summer jobs is workin at a snowie or a snow shack.. same difference..

It's not that bad of a job.. i mean, i get paid for reading my book, eating snow cones, and listening to music.. and occasionally other things... So it's cool :)

but, it gets reallly realllly boooooring.

so i-

experiment :)

make hemp bracelets

And sometimes i even get visitors!! :D
hahaha, i probably freak them out.. i get really excited when a friend comes to see me...
i love my friends :)

So that has been consuming my time the last while..
that and cross country, which i have a love/hate relationship with...
but that plus of cross country is that i've lost six pounds this summer! hahaha.. not much.. but i still feel pretty good about that :)



peace out!


SarahK said...

I WANT A HEMP BRACELET, my little hippie sister!! Seriously....PLEASE!!!!!!! That would be sooo totally awesome.

SarahK said...

Did you want to know about how to change your background? Like you texted me about that when I was in MN??