Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Staggering Summer

My busy summer is slowing down :) July is definately slower than June was!
Girls camp was excellent! but i posted about that on my mom's blog.......

I got back from EFY on saturday! And it was AMAZING!!
My roommate was Hannah Ellsworth. She's adorable, and i'm so glad we went together.
haha, we had so crazy times :) and so amazing times, and some spiritual times. and so talkive times, but we're girls.. what do you expect?

Okay.. so We went to Flagstaff Arizona.. it was really pretty there, it surprised me! There were alot of pine trees..

But we had the coolest dorms! Well.. they were really confusing.. But we found out that the man who designed them.. is now in a insane asylum.. creepy?!

But the walls were cool... :D
So, i met alot of just plain amazing people!
The Girls in my group were SO cool! I became almost best friends with four of them!

Cassie, Annie, Andress, Hannah, me, Melissa. [These girls=amazingly spirits BABES AKA loved by Emily]

And the guys weren't that bad either.... They were HILARIOUS! and the more we got to know them the more cute they became in our eyes..

My favorite Guys...




And then there were our counselors... No words can desribe these two amazing people. They changed my life! My outlook on things.. and the way i want to live my life.

This is Emily--the girl counselor

And this is Chris [the most amazing guy ever]-- the guy counselor.

WOW this guy is the most spiritual person i have EVER met.

He made me cry.. like three times.. You should hear him talk about the gospel..

We had gospel discussions everyday at breakfast.. he's amazing.

He defiantely heightened my standards for my husband. :)

Well.. after EFY.. I've been working at a snow shack... SOOOO boring! But it's alright.. it's money until i start working at Subway again.. Money=stress=COLLEGE?!?! gahhhhh

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SarahK said...

I can't wait for you to start college! That means you'll be in TEXAS!! YAY
The summer before you start school, you should TOTALLY come and live with me! Totally.