Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Batman


wow. amazing movie!

just, wow.

Heath Ledger did such an AMAZING job at the Joker!

In this movie, he's amazing, creepy, and believable.

He plays his part in this movie that you like him and hate him at the same time... He does tons of things that just make you laugh! Even when usually, he's hurting people at the same time... Crazy.

My favorite part of this movie is when the Joker and Batman are in the interiogation room and the Joker gives his little speech, the whole time i was just like, WOW, this guy was an amazing actor.. even if he was on drugs..

Why So Serious?

Christian Bale Did a great job too!
Strong, Brave, freakin attractive, and Amazing Guy.

All the stuff in this movie was just amazing! i can see why it took so long to make! Cause wow, everything

the acting, the effects, the costumes.. all amazing.

GO SEE IT, seriously.

So.. other things in my life..

um, i got a haircut?

I didn't really like it for a while.. still not really sure if i do..

but i think it's grown.. in the last like three days.. so i like it a little more..


But yeahh


We got a Puppy, she is pretty :)

Laura and Joesph are staying with us for the next two weeks!!

and i'm going to go see THE HUSH SOUND in concert the 28th! WOO HOO

i dont want school to start.

this is emily.


Anonymous said...

What would we do without fractionated coconut oil? bye bye gummi bears.

Buy my book.

SarahK said...

Sweetness...I think we are going to see it on Wednesday!! CANNOT WAIT!!
And waaaaaaaaay cute haircut, sis!

Jennifer said...

EMMALEE!! :) I am so excited to see tihs movie (but Heath wasn't on drugs. He just wanted to sleep because his role made him have insomneia.. so he didn't think and took two different sleeping pills..) Hehe.. Sorry I have to stand up for him cause he is SUCH an amazing actor. I 've seen bits and pieces from sneaking in at work at the late ones. :) LOVE the hair!! Wish my hair would turn out all cute ;)