Monday, August 4, 2008

The Hush Sound!

So, I'm in love with a band called The Hush Sound. Cause they're freakin amazing!
I went to go see them in concert at the Avalon in Salt Lake a week from today!!
They were amazing live!!

haha, can you tell which on isn't taken from my camera phone?
I'm in love with the Bassist.. Chris..
I must have a thing for guys who play bass.........
But yeah :)
it was an amazing concert!!!
Before the Hust Sound played there were some other bands that played..
The Morning Light
Steel Train
The Cab
it was so much fun!
It definately changed my view of concerts.. cause the last one i had been to was Drake Bell... and yeahhh.. The Hush Sound is TEN THOUSAND TIMES MORE AMAZING!!
wah cha!
so yeah.
Then the next day we went to Las Vegas! And Hannah and I stayed there wednesday through saturday.. and visited friends and such :) it was fun :) I got to hang out with my best friend Ryan, who i've been friends with for nine years now! He's awesome :) i love him.

My mom is gone. She's in Texas with Sarah and Bella and Aube and James.. and i'm so freakin jealous! because i miss them :(
welll today i've just been reading, musicing and doin the band scrapbook.. which is ohhhh so excited, let me tell ya ;)
BUT! Mr. Shirts [my band teacher] called the other day and made me the new JAZZ BAND PRESIDENT for next year!! :) i'm soooo excited!!! :D:D
so yeahh
that's my life at the moment


*tara* said...

hey! yeah, i just finished it, and if my mom would let me bring it up with me, i'd let you read it :) but, life is good work work...but i enjoy it! and ps you look amazing!!!

SarahK said...

That band looks pretty cool, and if you like it, I bet it's pretty rad. I really do LOVE your taste in music!!
And we miss you too!!! I wish you could have come out with mom!
Congrats about Jazz totally deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

so you already went to a concert a week from today? I didn't know you had a time machine. the flux capacitor on mine is still busted. Nobody carries them except Ebay, and that one is like $250!! It's kind of frustrating, because I don't have the money, but if I had the flux capacitor I could get the money, ya know? Anyway, happy birthday, or whatever this post was about. I forget.

Jennifer said...

Wow James is random!!

But yeah you messed up the words :) But i bet it was awesome!! :) and congrats on the president thing that is WAY cool!!

Olivia said...

Emily. I LOVE Steel Train. They rule. And you rule. Congrats on jazz band. Did you no the lead singer for Steel Train was Simba in the Lion King on Broadway. Awesome.