Monday, September 13, 2010

Tie Dye Dress

Yes, I tie dyed a white dress! and now it is blue and fantastic :)
It started out like thissss:

and ended up like this!

Turned out so much better than I thought!

I was going to have a third picture, with me in said dress.. but when I wore it I dropped ketchup on it.. and nowwww it won't come out. :/

In other news, Life is great!! :)
I'm going to post another blog soon.. when I get the appropriate picture :) Because what good is a post without a picture? No good, that's right..

1 comment:

Simply Sarah *K* said...

i luuuuurrrrvvveeee that you blog regularly now! bits of em brightening my day!
good job on the dress.....try to find some one with Tide...put some on the ketchup and let it soak and MAYBE it will come out. maybe, :)