Monday, September 20, 2010

My Boy Toy ;)

Yup! Jedadiah is officially my boyfriend :) :)
He is sooooo sweet to me, it's ridiculous. I've been sooo happy :)
Things have seemed to work out perfectly ever since I got to Rexburg.
I get to spend some time everyday with Jed :) Even if he had a super super busy day, he'll still come and say hi to me at work or for a little bit before curfew :)
I can't even explain to you how amazing he is! And I know I'm seeing him through rose-tinted glasses.. but he's just an amazing person!
I'm definitely one lucky girl!!


Simply Sarah *K* said...

You're so cute, Em!! :) Love it ♥!

Jess said...


Jess said...

WHY DON'T YOU POST MORE ON YOUR BLOG? I am curious how you are doing ;)

Janeane said...

What a cute couple!! I'm with Jess tho... post more!! Love you!!