Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Lately

Life lately has been work.. and some more work.. and sometimes Jed when he has time.. haha
Both of which.. basically suck.
And I've been sick since saturday! Yay!

But.. on the bright side, I got my hair done! It's not too much different.. It's just shorter and brown :) And I love having OTHER people dye my hair.. then it actually turns out the color I want it to be :)
I feel kinda retarded just posting pictures of myself all the time.. but I don't know what else to take pictures of... OH I've been doing ALOT of tie dye lately.. I'll post pictures of those!! Later......

Because life is kinda slow, when I'm not at work, I have a lot of time to study talks from general conference and lately a lot about temples! :) And since the Rexburg temple is just up the street, I get to go do baptisms every week! :) So blessed :) I'm so grateful for this time I've gotten, because I feel like I'm really preparing for my future! It's great :)

Hmmmm, Jed :) :) Um, he is basically amazing. He's such a great person! I am so so sos os os so os osooooo lucky! He takes care of me. Even though he's busy with work and school and everything else, I still get to see him everyday :) And that always makes me happy! But lately it's starting to dawn on me.. that he's leaving in less than two months.. which is really.. really.. depressing.. And I just don't know what to do! :( I guess I just have to wait... which sucks too.

Um, other notes..
-I've been listening to country! Shocking, I know ;)
-I think my roommate, Betsy, is scared of me..
-I CANNOT wait for Christmas :) :)
-It's starting to get cold outside.. Booooo
-I love all my roommates :)
-I'm FHE mom of our FHE group! Just basically my apartment and a boy apartment.
--I taught my first lesson for FHE at the bishop's house! SCARY! But it went well :)


Simply Sarah *K* said...

Isnt that so true about other people dying your hair??? It always turns out SO MUCH BETTER. Now if we could just get OTHER people to pay for OTHER people to color our hair, now that would be golden ;).
Love ya sis....glad that things are going so well!! Other than Jed leaving in 2 months...but one step at a time, right?

Emily said...

haha Agreed! Because then we wouldn't have to pay! :)
Yeahhh... one step at a time... :/