Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tie Dye!!

Hii :)
So, I've been tie dying a lot lately! Because Jed had to start a website for one of his classes.. so we decided to start a website on tie dye tutorials! We haven't gotten too far, because he's really busy.. but it's been fun!! :) the website is :) Check it!!
I also had to research a lot for this, and I learned a lot about dyes.. and the dye I've been using is called procion MX dye (but I get the off brand at dharma trading company). It's really fantastic! You just need soda ash and some other stuff, but it looks so bright and stays bright!!
So I've been mixing my own dyes and making shirts :) This one is my favorite so far :)

I plan on doing a lot more too! Maybe tomorrow! :) I learned how to do peace signs, hearts, the V, and mandalas! I'll have to do some tomorrow and I'll post more pictures!
It's so much fun! I can't wait to show you more :) :)


Jennifer said...

this is so cool! I didn't know HE made the website! soo cool! I want some shirts! I'll pay for the supplies if you'd be willing :) soooo cool! I'm in awe! (or however you spell it)


Simply Sarah *K* said...

Sweetness! I looked at that website and it LOOKED like your hands and fork, lolol...but then I was like, Nawww...but how cool that it's ya'lls site! Seriously, I bet you get some hits...people love to learn how to tie dye. LOVE.

That dye is SO BRIGHT. I need to get some like that for these shirts I want to do for Disneyland...putting the Mickey in the middle, then swirling around it!
And I'm guessing Walmart dye wont cut it anymore ;) haha.

Jess said...

Wow! You should make me one! Come home!

JanEllenSanders said...

You guys are so talented with the dye! You and Sarah should totally set up a etsy shop or something to sell your stuff! How cool is a peace sign and a heart! If I were only that cool to have those talents! :)