Sunday, February 1, 2009

How About That Band? (Band Cheers for Themselves)


As a member of the Jazz Band, i am obligated to be a member of the pep band as well.. and it is torture... Just kidding! it's not that bad.. just SOOO BORING! I guess i've learned something about myself.. I'm not a sports person (other than soccer), i can't pay attention to football or basketball.. it's bad.. oh man..

So! Instead my great friend, Rachel and I.. we play cards.. tease the freshman boys.. and make fun how we can! :D
This is an ACTION SHOT!!

So it's not that bad, not to mention that the band people.. ARE THE BEST! I love them :) Okay.. well most of them.. okay so about half.. Most band peps are kinda weird.. but the good ones, like the ones in jazz and most of symphonic band are super duper cool and my favorite people in the world! :D And you alll know it's true!
This is Teekay:

This is me being SNEAKY!!

Lovely, I know :D



Laura said...

so I just have to say: go band geeks!! ~love ya EM

*tara* said...

pep band was definitely one of the best things about band itself :) hey let me know the next time you're in vegas!