Sunday, February 15, 2009


I went to sweethearts [girl's choice dance] last night..
Valentines Day
It was pretty fun. :)
TeeKay usually doesn't smile like this- FAKE.

Anyway, For our day date.. we planned on going swimming and tie dying.. But the swimming pool was closed.... Sooo, we got ice cream at the newly opened Maggie Moos!! Yummy :) And then we tie dyed :D (day date was considered a success because of this fact) and then we ate subway! and then we watched the office! Our day date was probably the best part of the whole day, no lies. It trumped the dance.. because my date doesn't dance.. and called me annoying.. and recently crushed my heart, but i'm not bitter, don't worry. :D But it was definately the smallest group I've ever been in for a school dance, it was me and TeeKay- Jess and Mckay. But totally worth it! woot. Jessica is my best friend and almost lover(good song). Anyway.. that was my Sweetheart experience, in a nutshell.. i really don't know where that came from.. do you? Oh well. I might post pictures later of our group and day date, and possible the awesome Shirts i made.. Or i might not.. I'll pray about it.

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Jennifer said...

'm glad you had a great day date.. Sorry that you had not such a great dance date.. That's no fun.. :( I sorry! I love you though and I get to see you in... 1 week and 6 days!!! :) YAY!