Monday, September 1, 2008


Soooo, School Started.. YAY! I'm so busy busy busy! But i like it :)
I've got alot of homework.. and it's weird cause i actually like doing some of it...
I've got three AP classes.. which is where all the homework is coming from.. but yeah :)
I've been running cross country every day, had three meets already..... no pictures for that.. ew..

For band i'm the drummajor! But just for marching band.. which we do.. like three times tops.. Just parades.. woo hoooo
It was fun though!
i didn't hit anybody! WOOT

And JAZZ TRYOUTS are this week!!! :) :) WOOT!
i'm so excited for Jazz to start!!! :)
Been doing pep band... done two football games already...
everybody loves football.
Actually! It's pretty fun! I love the band peps! well... most of them..
They make it fun though :) Rachel and I sat by these guys Justin and TK and they were HILARIOUS! it was pretty fun :) TK would randomly hug justin, and justin would get all creeped out... long story.. this sounds retarded...
but yeah.

And Laura and Joesph are here!! They're fun :)
We went hiking.
and i made a friend, his name is Milo. He's a frog.


*tara* said...

sweet! now we're drum major buddies too!

Sarah Smiles said...

You freaking got Drum Major!!! Thats totally RAD Emily!!!! It's like a FAMILY thing, ya know? SOOOO sweet! I'm proud of you, sis!!!

Anonymous said...

That guy with the trombone looks kind of nervous, like he's hiding something. Keep an eye on him.