Sunday, August 10, 2008

i've got a black soul.. or just hair.. but really.. i'd have a fro if i was black..


So, i dyed my hair.. And it's pretty much black... I wasn't supposed to be this dark..

I'm sure if i like it or not yet.. It's just too dark..

and my dad isn't very nice about it.. but most everyone else seems to like it!

i dunno.. haha

My life has pretty much been focused around reading... how lame that sounds..

But I'm going into AP English this year and we've got to read a certain amount of book before school starts from the AP Reading List.. So this week i was finishing Atonement! And that is one amazing book! makes me want to see the movie... Because i'm curious how they actually portrayed parts of the book.. It's a depressing book, but very well writen and makes you think about alot of things! I recomment it ;) So after i finished that book.. which was around wednesday.. i went and bought BREAKING DAWN!! And i've been reading it since.. today i've read pretty much all day long... and i'm probably going to finish it tomorrow..

I really like it! i think alot of people are critizing it too much.. just like the 7th harry potter book.. i swear, people need to be nicer to these writers.. they're not perfect! haha, they do an amazing job with what they got goin! yeah.. that's my opinion.. :)
that's it.
Peace Out :)


*tara* said...

best book ever, right? :) and i totally love your hair, i love dying it for fun and seeing what the outcome is! Totally pays to have a sister doing hair!! i come to cedar in one week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SarahK said...

I am halfway thru the book!!! It is SOOOOOOO good. I am NOT reading any one's comments that hate it. Its JUST A BOOK...these people get too over the top about things!

ANd...I LOVE your hair. Color always turns out darker for some reason, especially when we do it ourselves. Tell Dad not to worry, it will lighten up in time. And thats the cool thing about hair, you can always change the color!
James says to put the pink streak back in! LOL
You are such a cutie!

Tracie said...

I too love the hair! It seems to fit you!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Hey, I like the hair!! and dark hair usually fades a little bit.. so It'll be perfect in a little bit.

*tara* said...

i'm here!!!! gah!!! i need yo number!! :)