Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year!


This year I'm Graduating.
This year I'm turning 18.
This year I'll be considered an Adult.
This year i can buy cigerettes in vegas! Woooo...
This year i'm moving to Texas!

This year, I'll hopefully get a Job.
This year, I'll hopefully get a car.
This year, I'll hopefully pass my AP tests.
This year, I'll hopefully have 10 college credits for Chemistry done.
This year, I'll hopefully have friends that leave on missions!
This year, I'll hopefully do something awesome.
This year, i'll hopefully play a wicked sweet solo in Jazz Band.
This year, I'll hopefully make it to state solo and ensemble.

This year I'll grow as a person.
This year my testimony will grow.
This year I'll learn as much as i can.
This year i'll become a better person.

New Years!

These are three of my very best friends!
Misha, Kelci and Melanie!

Ammon really does like me..He just doesn't like hugs..

I got to hang with my buddies! We hung out at Mel's house before the New Years Eve dance.. Which in and of itself was not that exciting... It was acutally pretty lame.. But that's alright! I still had fun with my friends! Had a couple of surprises :) hehe
The only bad thing that i was already tired when the dance first started! So it was hard for me to be enertegic at midnight! But it all worked out!

I know this is kinda late, but my Christmas was amazing!
I freakin love my family. Alot.
I Missed my older sisters like CRAZY!
I wouldn't give them up for anything!
And i love my Savior, and the time we had to Celebrate his life!
i'll be forever grateful for what he gave me.



*tara* said...

um can i tell you how sad i am that i don't get to come back to cedar? :( no bueno...
but i love you and i'll let you know when i drive through or something!!

Sarah Smiles said...

Crap! I didnt see that you posted this! lol...stupid blogger ;).
I'm glad you had a good/lame new years...and a sweet christmas, too!!
I'm counting down the days till we come visit and I am sooooo excited to have you come move here!