Thursday, January 27, 2011


A picture of yourself with 10 facts
1- I'm in college! woo! BYU-Idaho, to be exact. I've been wanting to apply to the social work program.. And I was pretty set on it.. Until two days ago. I've been thinking about Elementary Education.. or something with children.. Or be a social worker at an elementary school... I dunno!
2- I love to play the bari sax. But I recently found out that I only like it when I'm playing jazz music.. I'm in the "saxophone ensemble" here.. and I absolutely hate it and my professor made me cry on wednesday.
3- I should be writing a 5 page essay that's due tomorrow afternoon... but I'm not.. :D
4- I am loving my social dance class, we've been learning swing and the fox trot, and I loooooooove it :)
5- I watched "the Greatest Miracle on Earth" today, or something like that. It was about pregnancy and birth, and I found it absolutely fascinating.. And yes, I know it'll hurt a lot.. But I'm super excited for my future and to be a mom :) :) :)
6- I looove to tie dye. But I have no idea lately.. so sad..
7- I work at subway. Boooooo. Actually, it's not that bad.. Sometimes
8- I miss Jedadiah Paul Ashford. I sent him a CD and cookies in the mail the other day...
9- I'm cranky when I'm tired.
10- I want to learn how to cook better :)

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Simply Sarah *K* said...

I'm glad you're doing this, too!!!

And who is this professor...I'm gonna have to toilet paper his house!