Monday, May 11, 2009

Sun Scorched

So i'm home from school with the most discusting sunburn ever.. So i decided.. I should make a new post!
So it stared out like this..
not too bad.. little blisters.. and bright red..
But that wasn't too bad..
then it grew

and grew and became more yellow..

and Stuff started leaking out.. This is what it looks like this morning..

yes it's discusting..
So i didn't go to school..

I did go to a dance saturday! Well.. sorta.. It's the last dance of the year.. my last dance EVER! And i got set up on a blind date with My friend's boyfriend, Caleb..

IT was fun.. except that we couldn't get into the dance because my date didn't go to our school and didn't have an ID card.. So we didn't actually go to the dance.. We took pictures at the park and then We went to the golf course and hit balls that we found..

My date was also very gentlemen like and a good date! He just liked my friend more than me.. hahah he ignored me most the time and talked to her.. yeahhh

So yeah.. just counting down the days til i get to GRADUATE! and then go to Texas!!
11 Days and 26 days!
and only one more AP test!! YES YES YES
school will be basically amazing after tomorrow..
End of Story.


Sarah Smiles said...

Such a good story.

And that sunburn is DISGUSTING!! Oh man, Emily!!! That might be in like the 3rd degree burn category, yikes!

Yay for countdowns...can't wait to get you out here :). James is gonna be gone that first weekend too, so we can PAR-TAY

Janeane said...

Hannah Here! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I was there when that happened! NOT COOL!!!!! Except the prom part! The sun-burn... NOT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU... MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...