Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hey look!

I'm blogging!

i like pictures better than words

cause i'm not so good with words

that's why i hardly blog.

drum major..

band concert
bassoon.. yuck.
but i had solos!

friends :)
gotta love em

stupid exams and are frustrating
and lots of homework
especially after missing a week of school for being sick..


Sarah Smiles said...

You rock, seriously!!!
Those pictures of you as drum major make my heart swoooon with pride!
You are amazing Emily. Good luck on the road to health.
Lesson learned: don't share drinks or kiss boys ;) hehe.

trent said...

Haha Sarah's 'lesson' made me laugh.

Oh hey remember that one time when you were an awesome singer at Rock Band! Haha. That was fun to see you guys, even though I was only there for like 2 minutes. :)